Athletic Development Training – Are your ABSOLUTES Improving?

Summer is a common time of the year for many athletes to make athletic development training a priority. As I drive by many school facilities, I see kids in a variety of sports using agility ladders, medicine balls, running sleds, etc.. to go about their journey of becoming more athletic. Make no mistake about it, there are many physical components to improve when it comes to becoming a better athlete, and most of these areas do indeed get covered during these workouts that I witness, but the one area that seems to get neglected quite often is a well thought out plan to improve an athlete’s “ABSOLUTES”.

What are these “absolutes” that I am referring to? I am talking about an athlete’s maximal output in the areas of speed, acceleration, quickness, power, and explosiveness. These are extremely difficult to improve and take well thought out planning to make progress a reality. In general, most existing programs emphasize endurance so much so, that these absolutes never have a chance to get programmed into the regimen. The byproduct of such an approach is athletes who become fairly well conditioned, but athleticism improvement is non-existent.

The ideal athletic development training program needs to have a plan for improving absolutes. They should be the emphasis of the overall training program and not just thrown in to a small degree. When an athlete is exposed to this type of training, improvements in game performance are common and occur on a regular basis.

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