Fitness Success: What Are the True Measures?

We usually think of fitness success as something we can quantify…how much weight did I lose?, how much more weight can I lift?, how many more repetitions can I perform in a specific exercise?. Those are definitely good, accurate ways to measure improved fitness levels, but I think there is another set of measures that one can use to measure truer, more sustainable fitness success…….

1. How many days did I workout this month that were part of my original plan?

If you are a 3 day a week workout person, did you get all 12 workouts done in a particular month? Being consistent over a period of time is a great indicator of putting yourself into position to be successful with fitness.

2. How consistent was I with my workouts over the last year?

Again, consistency is key to true long term fitness success. The key is to not bite off more than you could chew. 2 to 3 workouts a week over many weeks is a great  formula to use.

3. Is it obvious to me that my workout execution is improving by the workout?

Whether it be squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, planking, crawling, running, etc…, there needs to be an obvious feeling that mastery of these movement patterns is taking place and improvements are being made each workout.

4. Are the areas of nutrition and recovery being taken serious?

I have said many times before that nutrition is the hardest area of fitness to conquer. One may never be able to dial that area in perfectly, but has there been attempts to improve it and have they been implemented consistently? With recovery, has it been “active recovery”….stretching, foam rolling, walking, jogging? How about your sleep quality? Are you getting enough of it where you feel refreshed when you awake?

I am a strong believer that the measures of true fitness success are those longer term variables that you want to attempt to be consistent at. Life gets in the way often that makes the pursuit of fitness success difficult, but with a solid, well thought out fitness  plan, it is definitely possible and something we all should strive for

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