Hey San Jose Residents...

Would You Like To 10x Your Fitness Results In Only 28 Days?


Get AthletiFIT 28 Day Fitness Confidence Formula Challenge

From: Ron Capurso


Dear Busy San Jose Residents,


If you want a healthy, strong, fit body, and want to spend less than 2 hours per week achieving it, then I think you will find my 28 Day Fitness Confidence Formula Challenge exciting and very useful.

Let me cut right to the chase here...being a dedicated and busy person who wants to live an awesome life needs to be at their physical best to do so. Having a great fitness plan and the time to do it on a consistent basis can feel impossible to make happen. It is a huge problem for many people. That very well could be the reason you are here reading this page right now. If this is a problem for you, guess what?.....I have a solution for YOU!

I just finished completing a brand new version of my 28 Day Fitness Confidence Formula Challenge. It is a 3 part - 9 step complete fitness program done in a small group setting and designed to boost your confidence you have with fitness through the roof! It is specifically designed for you to take you from Point A (fitness frustration) to Point B (fitness phenom)....
My formula that will take you from fitness frustration to feeling phenomenal about your fitness life consists of the following 3 Parts and 9 Steps.......



STEP 1: MOTIVATION - go from feeling "hopeless" to "excited" when you learn my proprietary workout system that can easily fit into your schedule time-wise and will provide you incredible results in a short amount of time


STEP 2: MOVEMENT PATTERNS - learn and execute the proper movement patterns (squat, lunge, push, pull, hinge, plank, etc...) that are the basis of this system and will take your movement skills from "novice" to "efficient". This movement pattern mastery is the "secret sauce" to bring about your fitness results quickly and effectively.


STEP 3: NUTRITION - take what might be your "sloppy" eating habits we all have at some point... to eating "clean" by following my "Nutrition 6" protocol that makes proper nutrition easy to understand and practical to implement



STEP 4: DYNAMIC WARMUP - never start a workout feeling unprepared again. My "Flow-Slow-Go" warmup method will keep your body healthy and injury-free and always have you feeling great and "ready-to-rumble" before each workout.


STEP 5: STRENGTH TRAINING - correct strength training is the foundation of all great, results-producing workout programs and my use of trio exercise pods along with intelligent interval training will take your overall total body strength from "feeble" to "powerful"


STEP 6: METABOLIC FINISHERS - these are a big favorite of many of my clients! If weight loss and/or fat loss is a part of your fitness goals, these finishers using my popular density and ladder concepts, will prove to be an awesome way to looking and feeling lean & mean




STEP 7: WEEKLY SCHEDULE - you need a weekly schedule that is systematic and easy to implement from a time standpoint. My systematic baseline approach of 3 days of fitness a week with no more than 40 minutes per workout puts an end to those who are accustomed to dabbling in their fitness ways and not making any progress... to being regimented and achieving terrific results


STEP 8: 28 DAY PLAN - following this 28 Day Plan will put an end to your frustration with fitness and make you feel phenomenal about your fitness results. It's true!! In only 28 days, your fitness lifestyle will transform from that longstanding frustration you likely have had and changing it to where you can think of yourself as a fitness phenom!


STEP 9: LIFELONG PHILOSOPHY - when you complete this 28 Day Challenge, you will no longer be confused about what it takes to become and stay fit and make it a very doable part of your lifestyle. Your mind will have the clarity and you will become empowered as to how this process can be completed throughout your lifetime.
When you sign up for this 28 Day Challenge, you will get the following...
  • access to 12 of my cutting edge small group workouts designed to burn fat, build lean muscle, and leave you feeling terrific
  • my 13 page e-guide, Get AthletiFIT Nutrition, that will prove to be a very simple, practical way to analyze your current nutritional habits and make changes to them for the better
  • all the accountability and support that you will need to be successful from yours truly…ME!
What makes my 28 Day Fitness Confidence Formula Challenge so useful for you is that it helps you...
  • reach your fitness goals in much less time
  • upgrade the quality of your fitness week by leaps and bounds while easily fitting it into your busy schedule
  • give you nutrition principles that are super simple to implement and “actually work”
Now, you might have some questions about...
  • How do I know this actually works?
  • Will it work for my ability level?
In my many years of training busy people just like you, I still have many who look forward to training with me over a long period of time; but, they started out just like what you might be thinking….not knowing for certain that they can be successful with this challenge.


Truth be told, of the hundreds of clients I have trained over the years, ALL of them have had success with this program on some level, and most of them were extremely successful. AND, the ability level of the client didn’t matter much because all of my clients came to me at differing ability levels…some fit already, but looking for a change…others coming off a long fitness layoff…and even others never having done fitness before.


This challenge definitely accounts for ALL ability levels! Simply put, I meet you where your current ability level is at and work with you at the proper pace that is comfortable for you all the way through to eventually lead you where you desire to get.


Here are just a few San Jose clients of mine and what they have to say about this challenge…
Amy Hawkins

“Unique workouts that are challenging, but not overwhelming”

I’ve been working out with Ron at Get Athletic regularly for over four years and love it. Every workout is unique and at just the right level to be challenging, but not overwhelming. Ron offers modifications to individualize the workouts. He pays close attention to my effort and form to motivate me and keep me from injuring myself. I look forward to many more years of workouts with Ron.

Amy Hawkins
Steve Silva

My stamina has improved so much!

It’s been over 4 years working out with Coach Ron doing his fitness class and I couldn’t be happier. I’m stronger, faster, and more flexible. I can now run longer without losing my breath and my stamina has improved so much. As long as Coach keeps running his boot camp I will always come out and workout with him. My wife Josefina comes out to his workouts as well and she loves them too.

Steve Silva
Kim Munson

“Ron’s tailor made programs have gotten me incredible results”

Ron Capurso is an amazing trainer. The depth of his knowledge and experience is evident in the quality programs he puts together and the professional coaching style he leads with. His programs get you results. I have been training with Ron for over 3 years now. A longtime fitness enthusiast, I was impressed with Ron from the beginning. I originally started with Ron in his small group class, looking for a way to tone up, and improve my running. Within 2 weeks I was feeling and seeing results. His tailor made programs have gotten me incredible results, led to many running personal bests, and overall strength and athletic gains. Ron’s programs get results and I look forward to them each week, as they are never the same. I can’t recommend him enough!

Kim Munson
Tony En Huynh

I get closer to my goals one class at a time!

It has been nearly 4 years I have been a part of Ron’s program….Boy, has my life changed for the better. I am more mobile..lost weight…you name it. Ron is down to earth and genuinely cares. The class is not easy by no means… but who wants easy? No matter what shape you are in, this program will work for you. I have made tons of improvement, and Ron helps me get closer to my goal one class at a time. Thanks Coach!

Tony En Huynh
To feel even better about participating in this challenge, this is my guarantee to you…



I guarantee that my 28 Day Fitness Confidence Formula Challenge will be the best fitness month you have ever been a part of, and your confidence with fitness will be at an all-time high. If after completing this challenge, you don’t feel like it was your best month ever or you don’t feel like your confidence with fitness is at an all time high, then simply let me know and I will give you a 100% challenge fee ($97) refund. No questions asked!
If you want to 10x your fitness results and confidence through my 28 Day Fitness Confidence Formula Challenge, simply click the link below to fill out the application. Within 12 hours of you completing the application, I will contact you to give you the details of this challenge and answer any questions you may have regarding it.


Click the link below ASAP and fill out the application so you can experience your best fitness month ever, and finally be on a path to achieve all of your fitness goals that you set for yourself and desire to have!
Your Friend & Coach,
Ron Capurso
Get Athletic Adult Fitness