My 6 Priorities of Successful Fitness

Fitness is hard. To get and stay in shape is challenging. What makes it even tougher and nearly impossible on a regular basis is the perception that many people have on what fitness should look like. Grueling workout sessions consisting of long bouts of cardio and weight training exercises done on a daily basis are thought of as the answer. Although there are many ways to go about performing a quality workout regimen, the above example is not one of them.

Is their a specific way to design a workout plan that will allow you to reach all your fitness goals? No…but, there are 6 key priorities that one should ponder when it comes to finding the right solution for you!

Priority #1: FEED YOUR MOTIVATION – Do you like to hike, lift weights, run, play recreational sports, take part in fitness classes? Whatever you enjoy doing is what should take priority in your fitness plan.

Priority #2: FEEL REFRESHED AT THE FINISH LINE – Don’t fall into the false thought that states fitness will not bring on any meaningful benefits unless you work yourself into the ground each and every session. Quite the contrary! Your fitness sessions when completed should leave you feeling refreshed and good about yourself and excited about continuing them on a long term basis.

Priority #3: HAVE A LOGICAL LONG TERM WEEKLY BASELINE – Simply put, what does your fitness week look like? If you are thinking of going hard 6 to 7 days a week, there is a great chance you will burn out in a short period of time. Your motivation for fitness will disappear. You need to adjust your thought process and be more logical. How about 3 to 4 days of moderate to high intensity exercise along with other days of low intensity work and a complete rest day or 2 as well. This approach can have you going strong over the long haul.

Priority #4: MORE STRENGTH, LESS CARDIO – There is a thought amongst many fitness professionals that says “strength is the foundation of fitness”. I agree. Getting the entire body strong and functional sets the tone for any fitness endeavor one may have. Unfortunately, many fitness programs out there emphasize great amounts of cardiovascular training that literally try to fatigue you into terrific shape. Talking about why this is a poor strategy needs it’s own blog post, but what I will tell you is a fitness program that contains a healthy amount of strength exercise done in high intensity fashion is a formula for success!

Priority #5: USE ALL INTENSITIES (HIGH, LOW, and NONE) – Always going hard in your workouts is a road to disaster. It will lead to injury, staleness, and lack of motivation. Mixing days of high and low intensity workout sessions as well as complete days off is conducive to long term fitness and health!

Priority #6: MASTER MOBILITY AND MOVEMENT PATTERNS – This is true for all modes of fitness, especially when it comes to strength training. Strive to get your body to move well and go through full ranges of motion. Many exercise programs overlook this as they are designed to work you into the ground and burn off unwanted weight without any thought of quality movement. Ingraining solid movement patterns into your total workouts process sets the tone for quality fitness for a lifetime!

Fitness will never be easy. It shouldn’t be, but if these 6 priorities are taken into strong consideration when designing a workout program, fitness becomes effective and can be so for long periods of time without having to feel like you have to be superhuman to follow through with it.

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