Play Fast but Don’t Rush

If you were to ask all of the thousands of football players I have coached over the years about what “coaching point” I use with them most when I am coaching them through the skill development of their position, it would definitely be…”play fast but don’t rush”. This phrase was one that I never really planned on using with my athletes when I first started coaching, but in the process of working with them, it was one that made a great deal of sense when I would see them go through drills. Many times they would execute a drill a bit too slow or they would try and rush through a skill much too quickly where their technique would break down. Finding that beautiful balance of executing a skill at game like speed, but not crossing the line and rushing through it, is a concept that can help any football player…especially the middle to high school player who is working on developing his game to higher levels.

When working with quarterbacks, footwork in pass drop mechanics …as well as the cycle of the throwing motion (stride, arm circle, follow through) are the common areas where the timing of playing fast without rushing needs to be drilled, critiqued, and perfected. With wide receivers, getting them to run crisp routes to their completion without cutting them short (ie: rushing through it), and then getting them to concentrate on the catch without trying to rush the process of catching and running is always a challenge for most.

Each position has its fundamental skills and the challenges that come with them to execute fast without rushing. The time that coaches and players invest in executing skills game-like fast without rushing is time spent wisely!

In my Elite Football Development Program that is designed for middle to high school aged players looking to take their game to the next level, the concept of playing fast without rushing is a concept I spend a great deal of time on with my athletes so they can truly master their position fundamentals and become more successful on game days. To learn more about this program, please visit my Elite Football Development page…

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