Playing Quarterback and Adversity

Such a big part of life is how to deal with adversity once it comes about. Throughout one’s life span, a person will likely have quite a few adversarial situations that he/she will have to confront. Playing quarterback is definitely a microcosm of life. When one chooses to become a quarterback, adversity is right around the corner and will happen early and often.

What do these adversity situations look like for the QB? It usually takes the form of a bad decision being made on a throw or a temper flaring up after a sack. It could be a fumbled snap or an audible call not made when it should have. One thing is for sure, they will happen!

What is the best way for a QB to deal with adversity? Here are 3 things that are critical to deal with these hard to deal with situations..

  1. Take Responsibility– It is important to take on an adversarial situation head on and deal with it. Take whatever consequences that come about like a man and learn from your mistakes and strive to be better from the entire experience.
  2. Don’t Point Fingers At Others– It is too easy to blame others for bad circumstances, even if it very well might be their fault. That isn’t what great leaders do and a successful QB shouldn’t either. Admit your share of the responsibility and encourage everyone that we all will overcome and success is near.
  3. Stay Positive– Don’t let a temporarily tough situation destroy your confidence that you have worked so hard to achieve. Keep a positive mind set and go back to your hard working approach with your skills and fundamentals to get back on track and be competitive.

Playing quarterback has physical challenges, but the mental challenges are the toughest. When it comes to adversity, the successful QB needs to take a mature approach and deal with it correctly and appropriately.

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