Frustrated With Your Inconsistent Fitness Results?

Give Me 90 Minutes Of Your Time Per Week For A Month And I Will Make Your Health, Weight Loss, and Appearance Goals You Have For Yourself Finally Come True!

Get AthletiFIT Personal/Paired Training

If you are like most people, you've tried a number of different fitness regimens in your life. Some likely have been fairly successful, while others have not.

Even during the times when your fitness life was going good, the demands of the regimen were so high that you knew at some point you would no longer be able to keep up and have it work for you.

Simply put, up to this point in your life, you haven't been able to crack the code to achieve fitness success and sustain it.

Well....that all can permanently change today.

My name is Ron Capurso and as a longtime San Jose personal trainer and sport coach, I have worked with literally hundreds of adults to achieve their fitness success in such a way as to easily fit it into their already busy schedules, so they can truly have the 2 most important ingredients to make their fitness dreams once and for all come true....CONSISTENCY and MOTIVATION.

A high number of fitness programs that are currently on the market don't account for both consistency and motivation to truly take place. They might claim to, but the truth of the matter is when workouts are too tough, time consuming, or simply not fun, there will be a breakdown in one's consistency and motivation.

I have seen this scenario play out over and over and over again and, quite frankly, it makes me sad to see. doesn't have to be that way!

With my Get AthletiFIT Personal/Paired Training System, you will get a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 training experience that emphasizes the following characteristics....

  • 2 (plus an optional 3rd) 45 minute full body workouts per week in an outdoor setting that cover all the important workout components necessary for a quaility fitness workout regimen to be effective (strength, fat loss, cardiovascular health, mobility, etc...)
  • quality instruction given by yours truly, ME, that is tailored specifically to your ability level and needs
  • a streamlined fitness experience that eliminates the unnecessary workout protocols (ie: long, slow cardio sessions) and only programs the right ingredients in the right amounts to accelerate your fitness results

Here are just a few of my adult fitness clients who took part in this program and what they had to say....

Kim Munson

Ron Capurso is an amazing trainer. The depth of his knowledge and experience is evident in the quality programs he puts together and the professional coaching style he leads with. His programs get you results. I have been training with Ron and his Get AthletiFIT program for over 3 years now. Within 2 weeks I was feeling and seeing results. His program has gotten me incredible results, and led to overall strength and athletic gains. Ron’s Get AthletiFIT program gets results and I look forward to the workouts each week, as they are never the same. I can’t recommend this program enough!

Kim Munson
Amy Hawkins

I’ve been working out with Ron at Get Athletic with his Get AthletiFIT program regularly for over three years and love it. Every workout is unique and at just the right level to be challenging, but not overwhelming. This program offers modifications to individualize the workouts. Ron pays close attention to my effort and form to motivate me and keep me from injuring myself. I look forward to many more years of workouts with Ron and his program.

Amy Hawkins
Steve Silva

It’s a little over 3 years now with working out with Coach Ron doing his Get AthletiFIT program and I couldn’t be happier. I’m stronger, faster, and more flexible. I can now run longer without losing my breath and my stamina has improved so much. As long as Coach Ron keeps running his program I will always come and workout with him. My wife comes to his Get AthletiFIT program as well and she loves it too.

Steve Silva
Tony En Huynh

I have been with Ron and his Get AthletiFIT program for almost 3 years now, and my life has definitely changed for the better. I am more mobile…lost weight…you name it. Ron is down to earth and genuinely cares. No matter what shape you are in, these Get AthletiFIT program workouts will work for you. Ron has helped me get closer to my fitness goals one workout session at a time.

Tony En Huynh

During your first month of Get AthletiFIT Personal/Paired Training, you will not only get access to the 2 state-of-the-art full body workouts already mentioned, but you will also receive the following 2 Bonuses....

Bonus #1: Get AthletiFIT Athletic Fitness Made Easy Video Series....This video series will give you a deeper understanding of the Get AthletiFIT Personal/Paired Workout System you will be a part of. It will educate you on the How and Why of the system so you can have complete clarity of your fitness regimen from A to Z.

Bonus #2: Get AthletiFIT Nutrition Guide....This guide will provide you with a 4 week plan to healthy eating and the 6 rules you MUST have to make healthy eating on a consistent basis a reality.

LET'S TALK PRICING, SHALL WE.... most quality trainers charge their clients upwards from $50 per training session with some asking for triple digit fees. While I truly believe without question that my personal/paired training workout system is worth at least those asking prices, I want to make quality fitness more affordable to those people who have lived in a state of fitness frustration for a long time and are ready to break away from that frustration and want to achieve that awesome feeling of not only reaching their fitness goals, but being able to reach them in a way that is simple and in harmony with their current life schedule.

Because of this, my pricing is only.... $30 per session (or less).

What's the catch?

There is none....because I hold all of my training sessions outdoors, I don't have to worry about paying facility fees. This allows me to keep my pricing down and make it very affordable for you the customer to purchase a quality, results-producing fitness experience without having to break the bank to do so.

Want to purchase Get AthletiFIT Personal/Paired Training? It is simple to do so....

- Give me a call at (408)915-1002 and let's have a 15 minute conversation so we can get to know each other and I can get a better sense of what your current fitness goals are. I will also explain my program to you and how it can best help you.

- At the end of the conversation, I will make you an offer that best fits you and your current fitness situation. If you feel that the offer is a good fit for you and you agree to it, we will set a day and time for your first workout session and proceed from there.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the near future!

Ron Capurso

Get Athletic Adult Fitness