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From the Desk of Ron Capurso...

Let me cut right to the chase...Football Coaches across the country struggle to find enough practice time available to coach the quarterback position in a complete fashion. The needs and demands that it takes for a quarterback to be successful are numerous...

  • throwing mechanics
  • footwork
  • pass route progressions
  • reading defensive coverage
  • run game mechanics
  • communication & leadership skills
  • overall athleticism (speed/quickness/strength)
  • etc....

There are many off-season camps and clinics available for these aspiring quarterbacks to take part in to improve their skills. These camps and clinics are well-intended and do a great job to provide a platform for these quarterbacks to improve their game, BUT... they usually don't account for the focused individualized instruction that is necessary for a quarterback to develop thoroughly and reach his potential.

As a former high school & collegiate quarterback myself, and then eventually becoming a high school football coach for 21 seasons, I was always aware of the problem coaches have with not having enough time to individually prepare their quarterbacks thoroughly. From a logistical standpoint, coaches simply don't have enough available practice time to develop quarterbacks completely. For this complete development to take place, it is common for the motivated quarterback to look outside his own team for individualized instruction from a qualified instructor.

Let me formally introduce myself....

I am Ron Capurso. Back in the late 1970's and through the 1980's, I had the honor of playing quarterback for some terrific coaches that led me to many successes through my youth, high school, and collegiate playing career. Throughout the 1990's and 2000's, I transitioned my love of playing football to coaching it for 21 years at the high school level. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with many great young men who excelled at the quarterback position. I was able to continuously master my craft during this time to get the most out of my quarterbacks where many of them won all-league and all-section honors and went on to have successful collegiate careers.

After retiring from coaching high school football, I decided to open my own coaching business, Get Athletic, where I have the opportunity to train high school & collegiate quarterbacks for the purposes of complete development to reach their potential and be highly successful on their own teams.

I have created and constantly refined my 3 Part - 9 Step "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" that not only teaches all of the necessary and essential quarterback skills it takes to thrive on the football field; but, also takes them through my complete athletic development system so they can truly become the best physical version of themselves and display the athletic ability necessary to be a multi-dimensional quarterback for their team, and not just a thrower of the football.

My 3 Part - 9 Step "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" will take your game to the next level by taking you through the following benefits....

Part 1: SKILLS

THROW MECHANICS - learn how to "dial-in" your throwing motion so you can consistently throw accurate passes in a repeatable fashion

FOOTWORK - develop proper pass drops, pocket movement, and throwing on the run skills to be a versatile, multi-dimensional offensive weapon within your offense

RUN GAME MASTERY - whether it is a handoff to your running back or a designed QB run, become an efficient and effective part of your team's running game by drilling the right techniques that make you and your team's run game a huge success


Part 2: SMARTS

LEADERSHIP - every winning team usually has a QB that is a great leader. Learn the important communication and attitude skills necessary to be the type of leader on your team that is effective and makes your teammates respect you and play up to their potential

ROUTE PROGRESSIONS - all great passing teams have quarterbacks who understand their teams passing philosophy and how progressing from one receiver to the next within a pass play is very important. Learn the art of route progressions that will make your passing success improve greatly

DEFENSIVE RECOGNITION - knowing what defenses are trying to accomplish against you is important for any QB to have success. Get familiar with my simple defensive recognition system to help you make proper decisions and help your team move the ball down the field and score more points



STRENGTH - get your body strong from head to toe and improve your athletic performance by using my simple and highly effective functional movement strength system

SPEED - being able to run fast in both a straight ahead and multi-directional manner makes a QB that much more valuable to his team's success. My speed system will make you faster and more explosive and will give you the speed necessary to elevate your game to the next level

QUICKNESS - You MUST have the quickness and agility necessary to move away from pressure when it presents itself in a game. My quickness and C.O.D (change of direction) training will help you become lightning quick and a nightmare for opposing defenses to play against

Here are what just a few of my "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" clients have to say....

Ron has been an incredible motivator and trainer for our sophomore high school son. We sought out Ron several months ago to work with our son on skill development and conditioning for football. With his many years of experience,  Ron brings an incredible commitment and innovative approach to how he trains, taking a “whole athlete” approach to his training. Our son has improved his speed and agility, learned skills to take his game to the next level and has become a stronger competitor. Ron is extremely positive in his approach and connects in a way that he both challenges and brings out the best in those that he trains.

Tim F. (parent)... on his son Drew

Coach Ron was great! He really knows his stuff and our son really likes him. We are looking forward to continuing our training with Ron and seeing the improvements in Quarterbacking with our son.

Allen & Christine B. (parents)...on their son Matthew

Coach Ron is a really good coach. He definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to improving the total player. He helps with both the physical and mental components and aspects of football.

Jill C. (parent)...on her son Liam

I am loving mastering my craft with Coach Ron. Can't wait for more!

Andrew P.

My son Dylan is so happy having Coach Ron as his trainer. He is already learning new concepts and is taking the experience to full heart.

Brian Q. (parent)...on his son Dylan

Becoming the best quarterback you can be through my "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" is a simple procedure...

  • click this link... that will take you to a short application/questionnaire form for you to fill out
  • within 12 hours of you filling out the application/questionnaire form, I will contact you to get some further information from you and I will explain the different offerings that my "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" has and we can discuss which offering is the best fit for you.

Make "this year" the year where you take your game to the next level! Become a member of my 3 part - 9 step "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" training program and experience the type of training it takes to truly elevate your quarterback play to great success.

This program comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply put, within 30 days from starting the program, if you don't feel like this program is by far the best quarterback training you have ever had, let me know and I will give you a full refund with no questions asked. I am so confident that my "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" training program will be of such high value to you, that I am willing to take all of the risk and put it on me by having this 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Again, click the link below to fill out a short application/questionnaire form and start your journey to playing the quarterback position the right way and at a high level of success!


Take care, and I look forward to working with you in the near future and helping you become the best quarterback you can be!

Ron Capurso

Owner of Get Athletic Sports Performance

Creator of the "QUARTERBATHLETIC METHOD" Training Program