What is Baseline Fitness?

Baseline Fitness is a term I came up with years back that describes the concept of a person incorporating a weekly fitness plan that accomplishes 3 things…

  • is effective and allows someone to reach their fitness goals
  • fits into their weekly routine without interruption
  • allows for weekly, monthly, yearly consistency

When you get right down to it, I believe the biggest error people make when thinking about having a fitness lifestyle is not appreciating developing a baseline fitness plan. As I have stated in many blog posts before, when people get excited about fitness they have a tendency to do it too hard and too often. This may not necessarily lead to burnout, but life usually gets in the way that makes it too difficult to sustain this pace. After a few short weeks of this, it is all too common for fitness to disappear from the regimen until the desire to get back at it happens…then this cycle of going too hard, too often repeats itself and fitness comes to a halt again. I call this the “fitness roller coaster”, and unfortunately, this roller coaster is very crowded.

Baseline Fitness isn’t anything specific. It simply takes into consideration the obstacles that get in the way of people getting highly fit and tries to eliminate them. What specifically are these obstacles?

  • being a part of a poor fitness regimen
  • going too hard and too often with their fitness workouts initially

With Baseline Fitness, fitness workouts need to be fun and effective. They also need to be done only a few times a week which will highly increase the chances of people staying consistent in doing them over a long period of time. Let’s look at 2 days a week as an example…the first thing that comes to many people’s minds with this is how infrequent it is and how ridiculous one must have to be to believe it would lead to being highly fit. BUT, let’s look at it in a different way…2 days a week for a year is 104 workouts. If one performs 104 workouts a year, they easily would be in the top 2% of how often our population works out. Let’s add a 3rd day each week…it still is less than half the amount of days in a week that are available for us to workout, but it adds up to 156 workouts per year. Moral of the story…2 to 3 days a week of quality fitness done on a consistent basis can do wonders for people and change lives for the better!

Starting Monday July 11, 2016, I will be offering our 21 Day Baseline Fitness Program to people who want to learn and experience the right way to have quality fitness in your life over the long haul. Fitness shouldn’t be a hot and cold happening in your life because this all too common approach leads one to failure and frustration. My 21 Day Baseline Fitness Program will finally allow you to experience what having an effective fitness plan that could last a lifetime feels like. I am offering it to you at the ridiculously low price of only $37. The deadline to register for this program is Wednesday, July 6.

Simply put, if you are frustrated with your fitness life up to this point, and have tried many different things, but can’t seem to find the answer….this program IS your answer!! Contact me at (408)915-1002 and/or email me at ron@getathletic.net to sign up for what will prove to be the best fitness experience of your life…BY FAR!!




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