Here is a Complete, Elite Athletic Development Training Program that is easy to implement, time efficient, and specifically designed to get your athletes much faster, quicker, stronger, and more explosive than ever before


"An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes"

As a former long time (21 years) high school team sport coach myself, I truly understand the challenge us coaches face with developing our total program. We all love coaching our sport and designing the strategies and tactics that go along with it, but we also know that if we want our program to be successful at the highest level, we must also have a great plan in place to get our athletes to greatly improve their overall athleticism.


BUT, there are challenges and obstacles coaches have to deal with that come about that make this very difficult to do….

  • not having enough practice time to incorporate athletic development training on a consistent basis
  • not having enough specific knowledge about athletic development training to feel confident enough to incorporate it into the coaching plan
  • not having access to the necessary facilities (ie: fields, weight room) or the proper equipment to make this training a viable part of the program

These obstacles usually lead to coaches just dabbling in a little bit of athletic development training here and there with their athletes, OR not doing any at all. Unfortunately, when this plays out, the athletes never reach their potential; teams never have the success they are capable of; and coaches are left feeling a little empty knowing that they could and should have done more to help their athletes, but weren’t sure how to make it happen.

Let me introduce myself....

I am Ron Capurso. I coached high school sports for 21 years, and am currently the owner of Get Athletic Sports Performance in San Jose, CA where I work with numerous athletes in a variety of sports to develop their athleticism for the purposes of improved sports play. Early in my coaching career as a head varsity football coach, the challenge of coaching my players in not only the skills, fundamentals, and strategies of the game, but also having an athletic development program that improved my players overall athleticism was a challenge I embraced completely because I knew our athletes deserved my best effort to prepare them properly, AND it was the formula necessary for our team to reach its potential. As the years went by, I kept refining our athletic development training component to improve the quality of it, but also to make it more practical and time efficient to easily fit into our overall plan.

Now in my current position as a sports performance business owner and trainer, I use those same concepts and systems to train athletes in a variety of sports. By far, the most common athlete I currently work with are youth athletes who love to play their sport of choice and set goals for themselves to play at a high level, but are either only getting small amounts of sporadic athletic development training with their team or aren’t getting any at all. This scenario happens all too often, and it gave me the motivation and desire to create a program specifically for coaches of youth athletes….


"An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes"

Because of my high school sport coaching background and knowing the challenges that we all face when it comes to organizing and implementing a complete program for our athletes, this athletic development training program had to have the following characteristics….

  • be of high quality and fortified with drills and exercises that have been proven to greatly improve the overall athleticism of athletes
  • be easy for coaches to understand and very practical for them to implement into their programs
  • be time efficient!! I know from experience how difficult it is to have enough time to fit everything into the overall program. This program does not require a lot of time to be implemented.

Here is what coaches who have implemented this training program with their own teams had to say….

Ron Capurso trained our 18u Gold softball team, and after just one session, we had girls wanting more and signed up to train with him individually the next weekend. The results were immediate and seeing our girls wanting to train more with him in such a quick turnaround time was both inspiring and contagious for the rest of the team. I have seen Ron in action as both a head football coach and a personal trainer for the past 15 years. You will be hard pressed to find a more passionate and dedicated person who is committed to helping others become more athletic and fit. He breaks down the drills and presents them in such a way that getting more athletic is not only fun but also a guarantee! Every female athlete should take advantage of Ron’s program in order to maximize her true potential. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us!

Steve Beaulieu, Former 12 Year Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Santa Teresa HS & Northern California Legends Club Softball Coach

I have known Ron Capurso for a number of years. He personally has trained my baseball team at San Jose State University for 5 years and now at Willow Glen HS for the last 2 years. Not only is Ron knowledgeable about his subject matter, his motivational skills and coaching instincts are tremendous. He has that rare ability to get someone to change their behavior for the better. That is what coaching is all about.

Sam Piraro, Former 25 Year Head Baseball Coach at San Jose State University & Current Head Varsity Baseball Coach at Willow Glen HS

Ron has done an exceptional job working with our players during our off season program. I have always been very impressed with how much he is able to do with them in such short amounts of time. His program organization is terrific and our players always come out of it much more athletic in a variety of ways from the strength and explosive abilities that they achieve to their improved speed and quickness.

Adam Sax, Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Amador Valley HS

Coach Capurso does an outstanding job with the athletes. As the Head Football Coach at Live Oak High School, I wanted to give our players a workout different than what they were used to. Coach Capurso went above and beyond what I expected. My players are now faster and in better shape from the workouts they got. He motivated our players and coached them up everyday. You can see Coach Capurso’s passion for helping and inspiring young athletes. My team wants to thank Coach Capurso for helping make them better athletes. We look forward to working more with him next season.

Mike Gemo, Head Varsity Football Coach at Live Oak HS

GET ATHLETIC – “An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes” consists of 7 components….

COMPONENT #1 - Dynamic Warmup

  • 3 different routines (flow/slow/go…activation/skip…fitness) that take less than 10 minutes each to perform and are designed to get athletes mobile, stay injury free, and ready for intense workout sessions, practices, and games.

COMPONENT #2 - Speed Development

  • 8 drills that are absolutely essential for your athletes to master and greatly improve running speed
  • coaching cues and various starting positions to develop powerful acceleration within your athletes that is so important to have in field and court sports
  • proven methods to develop your athletes long speed and ability to sustain high speeds when running on curved or angled paths

COMPONENT #3 - Agility

  • the 5 series of agility (line, zig-zag, rectangle, box, random) that are used to get athletes to decelerate efficiently, change direction rapidly, and display the body control and coordination that is needed for higher level sports play

COMPONENT #4 - Strength

  • the organization and integration of 6 strength series (explosive, squat/lunge, push, pull, hinge, core) into an easy to implement workout system that develops strong, explosive, bulletproof athletes.

COMPONENT #5 - Conditioning

  • the “calisthenics intervals” method and the 4 series that make it up (ground locomotion, object, ground based, locomotion) that is used as a great conditioning workout to get athletes in terrific condition as well as working to improve their movement skills
  • a “tempo running” system using EMOM (every minute on the minute) protocol that has been proven to be an outstanding way to incorporate quality running sessions with athletes without having to resort to long, slow, boring distance running

COMPONENT #6 - Post Workout Stretch

  • 3 routines (“888”…lunge yoga…fence routine) that are used with athletes to finish their workouts with quality flexibility work, while at the same time cooling them down properly and keeping them healthy

COMPONENT #7 - Program Organization Concepts

  • rather than give you a rigid, one size fits all program that probably wouldn’t be practical to use in your situation… get the concepts (1 week template, 4 week cycle, “in season” template) that we use in our program design that are all very flexible and can easily be adjusted to fit your situation

All of these components are outlined, explained, and shown in great detail in the 16 page e-book manual along with the series of 21 videos where every single exercise that this overall program consists of is demonstrated for you to see. You could literally learn this entire system in a day or two and incorporate it into your program right away, knowing that by doing so, the quality of your overall program will drastically improve beyond what you thought was capable and the confidence and athletic development of your athletes will skyrocket through the roof!

Let’s talk price, shall we…many high school coaches in our area bring me in to work with their teams in athletic development where I implement this same training system into their programs and I always charge at least $100 per session. These coaches are always more than satisfied with the system and usually bring me in for multiple sessions to make sure all the details of the program are highly understood by them and their athletes. Obviously, this can get a bit pricey for a sport team even though the value that the coaches and athletes get from implementing this program easily validates the cost.   I know one of the most gratifying and powerful feelings that I had and still have as a coach is when I KNOW that my overall program training regimen is solidly in place and my athletes are thriving in it and excited about being a part of it. That feeling is priceless!!

With that being said, I want to offer this program to coaches at a very affordable price during this introductory period so they and their athletes can have those very same feelings and successes that have made my coaching life so enriching and the many athletes I have worked with so successful…


"An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes"



For only $27, you could have access to this entire program, learn it in a short time, and get it implemented with your athletes immediately if you choose to. I know how you coaches do such a great job of giving your time to and providing quality coaching for your athletes. This program will definitely put the effectiveness of your overall program into overdrive and allow you to have the satisfaction that all of the components that make a sport team successful are up and running in your own program!

But, that’s not all…when you purchase GET ATHLETIC – “An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes” you will also receive the following 2 bonuses…


BONUS #1: My e-Report, “Speed Development – 8 Coaching Points to Better Acceleration”…. getting your athletes to accelerate rapidly and efficiently is so important for field and court sport success. This e-report will outline the 8 points we constantly work on and refine with our athletes to get them to accelerate faster and more explosively.


BONUS #2: Unlimited email/phone support…. let’s face it, sometimes we buy a product and we definitely see the value in it, but there are some details that might need a bit more clarity for us to have the understanding necessary to use the product to its full capacity. I have experienced those occasions where I didn’t have a person to turn to after purchase of a product, but I needed further guidance and explanation. I would never want a product or program that I am responsible for producing to not be completely understood by the purchaser. Therefore, you will ALWAYS be able to contact me by email or phone to discuss the program, your understanding of it, and any questions you may have.

This program comes with a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee! Simply put, if you implement GET ATHLETIC – “An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes”, and for any reason, you are NOT completely satisfied with the results your athletes get from it, just contact me and I will immediately refund your purchase. It’s that simple. Your complete satisfaction is a must! I completely stand by this program and the effectiveness it has given the many athletes I have worked with, but if for some strange reason it doesn’t provide the satisfaction and the results for your athletes, you will get your money back with no hassles and no questions asked.   

Again, GET ATHLETIC - “An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes” consists of a 16 page detailed e-book manual and a series of 21 demonstration videos that serve to completely outline this entire program from A to Z.

Order this program now and take advantage of the low price of $27. You will also get your 2 bonuses… my e-report, “Speed Development – 8 Coaching Points to Better Acceleration”, and also unlimited email/phone support.


"An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes"



After purchase of this product, you will immediately be sent a receipt to the email address you provided at checkout. This email receipt will contain your link to our registration page where you will go through a short, simple sign up process to have complete and instant access to this product in our secure password-protected site.

Even though I know without hesitation that there are many strong components to your program already, you never want to settle for something less than optimal, because it only makes you look and feel less than the coach that you truly are and it hurts the development of your athletes.


Do everything you can to fortify your team with an athletic development training plan that covers all the areas necessary for your athletes potential to be reached and your team’s success to be achieved! GET ATHLETIC – “An Elite Training Program for Youth Athletes” will prove to be a vital and necessary piece of that overall puzzle to your team’s success!!


I look forward to hearing how this program made a huge positive impact on your players and your program!

Ron Capurso

Get Athletic Sports Performance, Owner


PS: Don’t forget to take advantage of the low purchase price ($27) for this short time!

PPS: Remember that this program comes with a complete satisfaction 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee…I am giving you 60 days to analyze this program and discover what many other coaches already have…this athletic development program is of high quality, is very coach friendly in its ease to implement and it’s time effectiveness, and gets the athletes who take part in it extremely athletic!!

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